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We are a Melbourne, Australia based cleaning service with skilled professionals at our disposal. We have excellent and affordable price structures with the set of offered services being expanded every day. We care about the time and patience of our customers, and we make sure the money they spend on us is worthwhile.

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Office Cleaning

The Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne You can Trust!

InterCare Cleaning is a company that offers superb cleaning services for offices and other establishments in Melbourne. When we do our office cleaning services, you can expect us to give you a safer and more comfortable living space. It is our priority to provide ultimate cleanliness and help you maintain good hygiene in a dirt-free office.

Here at InterCare Cleaning, we want you to be safe in the comforts of your office. All our staff work harmoniously to give the most reliable office cleaning services near you. Let us deliver top notch and intensive office cleaning services for you and your family!

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Our DVA Office Care Services

Veterans office care plays a very important role in supporting the lives of the people who serve and have served our nation. With that, we are determined to provide quality veterans office care services in Melbourne. DVA Office Care has a list of services for our veterans that can assist with their ADLs.

InterCare Cleaning performs great DVA office services for our nation’s heroes. Such as DVA office services and DVA cleaning services. Moreover, we also offer office maintenance as part of the office services in DVA

For veterans, people with disabilities and elders who opt for independent living in Melbourne, InterCare Cleaning can be your partner in maintaining a clean and healthy office. We are also the best cleaners for Supported Independent Living vacancies in Melbourne. Call us now and experience a detailed and intensive cleaning from InterCare!