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We are a Melbourne, Australia based cleaning service with skilled professionals at our disposal. We have excellent and affordable price structures with the set of offered services being expanded every day. We care about the time and patience of our customers, and we make sure the money they spend on us is worthwhile.

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Prepping Your House Before a Professional Cleaner Comes

Prepping Your House Before a Professional Cleaner Comes

At present, mankind is threatened by deadly viruses. It made us value the importance of deep cleaning everything. In Australia, it is evident due to the positive growth of the cleaning service industry. More household owners rely on professional cleaning services in Melbourne because it makes them at ease and less stressed.


With the growing popularity of hiring professional cleaners in Melbourne, InterCare Cleaning shares how to prepare your property before they start work. As an experienced and skilled cleaning company in the area, we want you to understand that your house needs some prepping before we do our cleaning job. Don’t get it wrong, you don’t need to clean before the cleaners come. You just need to do minimal organisation and preparation. Continue reading this blog for more details about cleaning services.

House Cleaning Preparation 101

In order to achieve great results from your cleaning team, you should do the following preparations:

Do Some Research About the Cleaning Team You Will Hire

For any services you need, it is best to know more about the company and how they do their work. It can avoid miscommunications and provide a better relationship with their team. 

Declutter a Bit Please

In order for the house cleaners to focus on important cleaning tasks, it is advisable you pick up some stuff laying on the floor. Keep scattered toys or dirty clothes because it eats up the cleaning time.

Provide Clear and Concise Instructions

If you have special cleaning instructions on some areas of the house then it’s best you lay it all out before they start their job. Make your request clear and direct to the point to avoid misunderstandings.

Keep Valuables and Important Documents

Though most cleaning companies operate with insurance and bonds, it is proper that you take away valuables and important documents. Cleaners may feel uneasy cleaning with those around because if something goes missing they would be the one to get questioned first.

Clean Your Food Messes

Unless stated in their list of services, please clean up your dishes before the cleaners come. This way they can focus on the work they need to do and not be bothered with your dirty dishes. 

Make Your Space Kid and Pet Free While They Clean

Cleaners want to work systematically and in an organised manner. Having kids and pets in the house can be difficult for them. It is best to remove distractions that can hinder their cleaning work.

Be Polite and Understanding

Whenever you talk to the cleaners, make sure to be polite in relaying your requests. Set a realistic expectation with their work and be respectful. Building a good relationship with your cleaner results in a better job each time. 

Give Honest Feedback

Almost all cleaning companies ask for an honest review regarding their work. Give your feedback in a respectful manner and appreciate them for their work. Your review means a lot for them and in improving their craft. 


Prepping Your House Before a Cleaner Comes | InterCare Cleaning

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