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We are a Melbourne, Australia based cleaning service with skilled professionals at our disposal. We have excellent and affordable price structures with the set of offered services being expanded every day. We care about the time and patience of our customers, and we make sure the money they spend on us is worthwhile.

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InterCare Cleaning: The Australian Cleaning Experts You Can Count On

When we are hit by the devastating effects of Covid 19, people become more conscious about the cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings. Cleaning companies in Australia is a growing industry. During the pandemic, there were times that it was very in demand and there were times that it was not. Downtimes were reported during the closure of establishments and increase in work-from-home setups. 

For InterCare Cleaning, provider of quality cleaning services in Melbourne, we believe that whether pandemic or not, deep cleaning and sanitation is always a must for homes and commercial spaces. A clean surrounding is our number one defense in fighting off deadly bacteria and viruses. Make your personal space a safe haven for your family. Create a healthy workplace for yourself, your employees and clients. We are the cleaning company you can trust to deliver the best cleaning services in Melbourne.


During your busiest times, never forget to put your home’s cleanliness on top of your list. InterCare is the cleaning company near you that can leave your property spotless, disinfected and organised. We have affordable cleaning services that are cost effective. Our team, the best house cleaners in Melbourne, gives you peace of mind and extra time to bond with your loved ones.


We put in a great effort in keeping a high-standard level of hygiene to all our cleaning services. Our professional cleaners in Melbourne, target the surfaces that are regularly touched by people. This can avoid transmission of disease-carrying viruses. 


Whatever type of flooring you have, InterCare can clean it perfectly. We have the expertise to clean any floor surfaces, leaving it clean and healthy. Our team of cleaners make sure to use the appropriate cleaning tools and products for every flooring. 


We value the safety of our clients, especially the children in school. Let our professional cleaning services protect the students inside the school premises. We use kid-safe cleaning products and equipment.


InterCare removes the added stress of cleaning your unit before your move. We guarantee that the result of our domestic cleaning services in Melbourne gives your full bond back

InterCare Cleaning The Cleaning Team You Can Rely On in Australia 2ndHOSPITAL CENTRE CLEANING

We ensure the safety of patients and health workers inside the hospital. To prevent transmission of deadly diseases, we use top grade cleaning products for disinfection and deep cleaning. Hospitals and medical facilities can trust us to deliver the best Melbourne cleaning services.


Keeping an organized and clean warehouse can be too much for your employees. Let our team handle all the cleaning and organization tasks to help your company focus on more important things.


They say that a clean workplace is a safe workplace. Let us be your partner in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your factory/office. Prioritising the health of your employees results in a greater work performance. 


Our top-notch cleaning services in Melbourne hold expertise in handling books and other printed materials. This makes us the perfect team in keeping public or private libraries free from dust and even lethal microorganisms. 


Hiring a trusted cleaning service company for banks is a good decision. We protect the bank goers and employees during their financial transactions. 

InterCare Cleaning The Cleaning Team You Can Rely On in Australia 3rdGYM CLEANING

You workout in a gym to keep your body fit and healthy but you should also choose a workout space that is clean and hygienic. Our team knows the proper cleaning techniques for different gym equipment and surfaces.


If a place is constantly receiving a lot of people at a time, it is best to keep it clean and disinfected. We can help different commercial establishments in the cleaning area. Our cleaners make sure that all spaces are cleaned and sanitized. 


Hire the cleaning services near you that deliver meticulous carpet and window cleaning. Carpets are usually a hard surface to clean but our team can clean it to perfection. The same goes for different types of windows. A clean carpet and windows can greatly enhance the look of your property.


There are a lot of cleaning company names in Melbourne, but InterCare outshines them with our meticulous and detailed cleaning techniques. Our local cleaning services provide complete cleaning for any type of space. 

Why Choose InterCare Cleaning?

We standout among the list of cleaning companies in Melbourne because of our distinct cleaning trademark.  Our residential cleaning services leave no spaces unturned. From all the living spaces, bedrooms and outdoor cleaning, our team can handle it all. InterCare is also the name you can rely on to provide a high standard of commercial property cleaning services. Call our numbers now and experience the professional cleaning with care in Melbourne!