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5 Qualities Of Cleaning Services To Check Before Getting Their Services

Most people are busy nowadays whether it is from work or family life. Thus,  hiring professional cleaning services has had an uptick in the past few years. Since 2017, the Commercial Cleaning Services industry has grown 1.0% on average.


Because of the huge market for cleaning services, InterCare Cleaning is sharing 5 of the best qualities to look out for in a cleaning services company. We aspire to become the trusted choice in professional cleaning services in Melbourne.


One of the best measurements of a cleaning company’s  professionalism is having an insurance/bond when you avail their services. It tells so much about a cleaning company’s commitment that they will be careful in handling your property and the high value items in it.


Accidents are inevitable. And if the cleaning company also carries employee bonds, the customer will not be burdened with any liability if this happens.

Skilled Professionals

Doing professional cleaning takes a lot of skills. Before choosing a cleaning company, make it a point to know if the one who will do the actual cleaning services are direct employees of the company. The quality of service from outsourced employees can be questionable since they are normally on a per-hire service agreement. If any untoward incidents happen as well, the cleaning services company may not be held liable for it.

Easy Scheduling

Choosing to get your property professionally cleaned should be quick and easy. After all, you opt for this since you don’t have extra time to do it, right?


A good cleaning company provides options for customers on how to reach them and avail their cleaning services. Contact numbers listed on the website and social media accounts should always be available for any inquiries from clients. Cleaning supplies and equipment should always be ready and available and can offer personalized service.

5 Qualities Of Cleaning Services To Check Before Getting Their Services second | InterCare Cleaning

Quality of Service

Time is gold, as the saying goes. A good quality professional cleaning services company should value your time. It will be a plus if the cleaning will be accomplished earlier than the agreed upon time frame. The equipment being used should also be in tip top shape and well maintained.


Employees should also be  updated with the proper skills and knowledge in this industry. A regular, random check can ensure that the employees are always in the best form to provide cleaning services.


But the most important thing to check – did they really clean your property/location?


An exceptional cleaning company ensures that their operations will run smoothly. They should have backup plans to implement if something unexpected occurs. A top caliber cleaning company will also not decline, or cancel, an appointment just because they don’t have an available employee or they ran out of supplies.


It is also wise to check if the cleaning services company allows feedback, and how they handle it. Comprehensive reviews of previous clients and even the company’s reputation are a best gauge for this.

We Meet All These 5 Qualities!

Property cleaning services is our name here in InterCare Cleaning. Our team of experts are thorough and efficient in what they do. We also make sure it will be easy for you to do business with us. We can coordinate through email and we even do callbacks if requested. Just fill out the form here so we can reach out to you as soon as possible!